This is my own hair!

Losing your hair can trigger different emotions, let us help you! We can ensure that you keep your beautiful hair and no one will see the difference! How? You cut it, send it to us and get it back attached to a soft headband.


Your own-hairband is made from your cut hair and therefore feels very familiar. Thanks to the soft fabric, it is comfortable and does not itch. With a cap, hat, bandana or scarf nobody will notice a difference in your appearance.

Are you interested? Consult us to see if using your own hair is an option for you.

Do you have questions? We can phone, video call or email and we will explain exactly how it works.

I love it so much, my friends didn’t even notice! 

Is it something for you?

If you have already heard that your hair will fall out due to chemo, radiation or alopecia, cut it before it falls out on its own and we can save your hair. We make something beautiful out of it and you will have it back in no time.

How does it work?

“In the hospital I saw a girl with very beautiful hair who was on the same treatment as me. I asked her if that was her own hair, she smiled, showed and told me about her secret; a Toupim own-hairband. I immediately wanted one too.’

Is this something for you?