The creation process

Toupim hairbands are made custom and entirely by hand. We hear from and discuss with you what we need to pay extra attention to and what is important with your hair.

In the picture

Marjan: ‘An important step is to look very carefully at the hair received. Not everything is suitable. Where your hair grows, at the top of the cut pigtails, there is a lot of short hair, so we have to get that out. We start with sorting the hair very precisely, by colour and length. We photograph everything to document the process for you.’

Sometimes we replenish your hair

Jeannette: ‘You need a surprising amount of hair for your own-hairband (even if you have a lot of hair) we sometimes have to add some donor hair to get the desired volume. We will of course discuss this with you.’

Sylvia: ‘That’s why we are so grateful for donated hair!’

Sylvia: ‘We pay attention to structure, quality, length, volume and whether it is clean. We always consult with each other and look very carefully at the photos of the customer. Each hairband is a unique piece and for us the challenge is to make it the best.’


Marian: ‘That’s right. And yet I often enjoy the more difficult jobs as well. Precisely because we know from experience how happy the customer will be with it. If hair is already brittle or damaged from treatments, it is much more difficult to use. But in the meantime, we have become quite good at magic.’

Tuft by tuft

Jeannette: ‘Then the real creation process begins, it takes us a few days as everything is done by hand. We can’t let a single hair go to waste. Each tuft, sometimes only a few hairs at a time, have to be placed in exactly the right spot on the headband. We save the best hair for the last layers and sides.’


Sylvia: ‘We match your previous hairstyle as closely as possible based on your photos, attach your hair to the correct size headband and send it to you.’

Marjan: ‘The hairband looks beautiful and very natural. That’s what makes our work so rewarding! Those happy faces afterwards. We make the most special gifts for our customers every week.’

Jeannette: ‘Having and keeping your own hair is indeed very special. Unfortunately, it does not change your situation, but it does help the feelings you may have about it.’