Thank you so much

How wonderful that you want to donate a piece of your hair! We are going to make someone very happy with that in a difficult time.

We hope you make a nice donation out of it. In all cases, the longer the hair, the better! (So if someone has really long hair, it’s a bit of a waste if you only cut a small piece).

Longer pigtails are very nice to receive for girls who have nothing left, due to the heavy chemo process they are in. Longer tails come in much earlier and are almost always used for younger patients. We now have a lot of short pigtails, they are mainly suitable for adults who also find shorter haircuts okay. (The short tails usually stay a bit longer).

Do you still get a response from TOUPIM?

Unfortunately, that won’t work. We’ll try, but we’ve found that we can’t promise. The patients always come first, of course. The hair bands of women and girls who are now ill should be returned to their owner as soon as possible. It is therefore not possible to email photos of the end result. We hope for your understanding.

But, know that the donor hair is received by us with great pleasure and is immediately archived upon receipt, by name, color, length and structure and stored neatly. It also does not leave the country, but stays here in our studio in Amsterdam. And it ALWAYS turns out great!

Inspire others

If you know how to inspire friends, I’d love to. Just tell them: the longer the better.


If you meet someone in the future who has unexpectedly ended up in the chemo process, they can give you the Toupim tip. Toupim can provide a little relief with ‘a headband of her own hair’, or if that’s gone, ‘a headband of donated hair’ which is very similar to what she had herself.
And who knows, maybe she’ll get a headband with your hair.