How does it work?

Are you hearing about Toupim for the first time? Then you may already have some questions which we would love to hear and answer! You can text, email, phone or video call us. We want to help you.

Do you want to know if this is possible with your hair? When you should cut it? Or where to start?

Getting to know you first

In order to be able to answer your questions as best as possible, we first want to know more about your specific situation. This way we can best advise and guide you. We exchange photos and send you documentation.

Next: cut the hair on time

The desire is to create a natural looking result which suits you, so it is imperative that photos and measurements are provided and we will explain exactly what you should and shouldn’t do, so get in touch before you cut your hair.

The moment and method of cutting is crucial. Cutting your hair is a big step, we completely understand this. We aren’t asking you to cut off all your hair, in fact think of saving your hair! If you save as much hair as possible we can make something beautiful out of it. Together we ensure that you get something irreplaceable in return: your own hair.

We get to work

Every tuft, every strand of hair, is attached to the hairband with the greatest care and precision. A unique way of working, with a patented technique. In consultation with you and based on photos, we can create the most beautiful hairband, a unique item, especially for you.


We work hard, so that your own-hairband is ready within about two to five weeks depending on the package you choose.

We would love to talk to you