The Toupim hair band is a patented product

We are proud of the unique way in which we manufacture each of our own-hairbands. Each original Toupim hairband is custom and handmade from your own or donated hair.

Beware of counterfeits!

We are very proud that our unique concept has been awarded an EU patent, a high quality mark which means that we are officially the first in the world to conceive, design and market this product. It is of course a compliment that there are companies/people who try to imitate our beautiful hairbands, but it is illegal. Copycats and trademark lifters will therefore be dealt with.

How do you recognize counterfeit?

If there is no authorised ‘TOUPIM’ logo on the product, it is an illegal imitation. Then the quality of the product is by no means guaranteed. It will not have the high quality or be manufactured with the personal attention that we value so much. In case of doubt, always contact Toupim.

In addition, we only work on an own-hairband for you after personal contact. A real Toupim hairband is therefore not for sale ready-made.

Our patents

• EU patent 2009
• NL patent 2006
• Modelrecht 2009
• Merkrecht 2008
• Copyright intellectual property 2004