Do something special with your beautiful hair for someone in need?

Toupim makes beautiful hair bands for people who have lost their hair due to radiation, chemotherapy or alopecia.

Which hair is suitable?

If you have long, healthy hair in top condition, together we could make someone a priceless gift. Our hairbands are durable and of very high quality, this is why it is important that your hair is too. The minimum length for donation is 25 centimetres and must not have any dead ends. The longer the hair you donate, the better it is!

How does donating work?

Cutting Instructions

It is very important that it is cut correctly. We will send you the cutting instructions first. Read this carefully. Obviously, your hair needs to be super clean, so it needs to be washed thoroughly prior to cutting. Do not put styling products in it, and do not use perfume. Are you unsure about how to cut? Then we would like to call you (or your hairdresser) to help you (or your hairdresser).

Elastic bands

Make 10 to 20 pigtails in your hair with rubber bands. Trim the hair a few inches above the elastic. Be careful not to cut too close to the elastic. The hair must be thoroughly dry before it is sent.

Envelope and send

You will receive an email with precise instructions on how to send your hair to us.

Inspire others

Donating your hair is a fantastic way to help those in need. Together we can do so many beautiful things with your hair. Want to do even more? Share your “before and after” with your community and on the Toupim friends Facebook group and who knows, maybe you’ll inspire many others to donate their hair too.