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Below is a collection of some customers sharing their experiences about their own-hairbands. Unfortunately, they are still all in Dutch. We hope you agree that sometimes we don’t need to understand the exact words to still understand the message.


From the moment I heard that I was sick and will receive chemotherapy and will lose my hair, I knew right away that I wanted to make something of my own long hair, via the internet I came across ‘an own hair band’ of the brand Toupim and immediately knew I wanted this! Not a moment of regret, because how I feel myself when I wear it.

Proud of Sylvia and her team for this uniqueness and recommend it to everyone who will experience the same.

Nienke Huisman

We were well helped at Toupim. There was quick contact and good communication. The tape was finished within a week and that was very nice for my daughter (19 years old). The result was very nice and we are very happy with it. In addition to this headband, she also has a wig, but the Toupimband fits better. This is because the scalp is now also sensitive due to chemotherapy. What is also important is that your own hair feels so nice and that you can keep it this way.

We will recommend a Toupim band to everyone!


It is terrible when you lose your hair due to a disease. This while I was “saving” for my wedding. A tough choice, but I’m so happy that I was able to donate my own hair to myself thanks to Sylvia and her team! A nice contact and through a good hair specialist near me (karin’s Haarboutique in Driebruggen) everything is arranged very smoothly! The end result may be there! See picture. When I wear the headband, I feel like “myself”. My environment is also very enthusiastic. So thank you for the great care and the fantastic end result!

Martha Hanna

I am very happy with my headband made of my own hair. He is comfortable. Great communication with Sylvia. She did everything she could to get the headband off as soon as possible. I had it within 4 days! I’m very satisfied!

Ramona Waelen

Losing my hair through chemotherapy was really tough, but this solution made it bearable. The hair band is very comfortable and is highly recommended. Also the guidance by Sylvia was fantastic. During my treatments I could remain ‘myself’ because of the hair band and that was also very nice for my children. Thank you very much.

Roos Stuurman

3 weeks ago we were told that our 8 year old daughter has leukemia. The world is collapsing for a moment! The prognosis is good, but the battle will last at least 2 years. Our daughter is a real tough guy. 1.5 weeks after the first treatment she had her hair cut without any problems. He cut the first tuft himself. A week later she has already received her owner’s headband. She is so happy and proud. She especially thinks it’s so clever of Sylvia that she can make it that way. Really Sylvia and team, thank you so much! It makes it all just that little bit better!

Marianne Verbakel

Super happy!
Hairband was ready within 4 days.
And how nice to have your own hair back! And Sylvia is a super sweet woman!

Jacq Wolda

At a time when my life is turned upside down and I would lose my hair through chemo treatments, Sylvia from the Toupim hairband was there! It’s great how she spoke to me, gave advice, contributed ideas and ultimately delivered a masterpiece of a hair piece. My Toupim hair band made of my own hair is beautiful and still helps me to feel like myself during this time. Only positive reactions from my environment. Highly recommended for anyone dealing with this. Toppers there at Toupim own hair bands!

Tanja Lindhout

Very happy with my own hair band from Toupim! Helped well and very quickly by Sylvia via email and telephone contact. Always easily accessible. The own hair band was ready within one week. I often get the comment that people don’t even realize that I’m bald. Nobody sees a difference. I really do look like myself. I like this so much! Keeping my own hair anyway, very happy! Had it for about two months now.


I am beyond happy with my own hair headband by Toupim. The Toupim team is super friendly, approachable and talented. Would definitely recommend!

Pauline Kors

What a find that you can make your own hair band from your own hair. That made the fact that I would lose my hair bearable. I am very happy with the result, Sylvia could not have done better. The communication with her was also super nice and that I already had the headband within a week, it was fantastic. Keep up the good work, Sylvia, you are the savior for women who have to lose their hair!

Claudia Lagermann

In the hospital we were told about the possibility of the Eigenhaar band for our daughter (7). After the initial shock that her hair would fall out, she was very clear that she only wanted her own hair. Even before it fell out, we asked a sweet hairdresser to cut it in such a way that the Toupim team could work with it. And that turned out well, the result is so beautiful and made with so much attention and love! Nice cap or hat and you don’t even see that something has happened to her hair. It feels comforting that she has been able to keep her own beautiful hair this way. Thank you Team Toupim!

J. Koeman

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