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“It was so exciting, my hands were shaking with excitement when unpacking.

So nice to have my own hair back and put it on.”


No, not at all! The best time to cut is one week after the first chemo:
A – Then the hair is not yet affected by the chemo, and
B – It is just a little less difficult to cut it short in one go, because it will probably soon fall out altogether.
We'll email you the cutting instructions.
No, we make the own hair band within 2 to 5 weeks, depending on the package you choose. Even if it is sent from abroad. 
That is okay! There are many other ways to wear your Toupim hairband, such as under a bandana, scarf, hat, cap, beanie or turban. You should get used to it very quickly and no one will notice.
Absolutely! That is why we developed Toupim hairbands.
Unfortunately, to be able to make the best possible own-hairband, we need ALL the hair in its full length, even if you have long hair. Always contact Toupim first, and we can give our advice.
It's not the most ideal scenario, but we can always work something out. Please contact the Toupim-Team.
Please contact us directly. We have become quite good at magic.
Donated hair is worth gold and we wish to save it for people who no longer have their own hair. We can possibly try see if a standard model would be suitable for you. Please contact us to discuss this further.
No, not at all. It does not need any special maintenance. You can treat your hair exactly as you did when it was attached to your head, with your own shampoo and haircare products. Our product hardly wears, even when worn intensively.
Toupim own-hairbands are suitable for all ages and all hair types. We have already made many women and girls (3-89 years old) intensely happy with their own hair on a Toupim own-hairband and we want to do everything we can to do this for you too.
Definitely! The important thing is, is that your hair is at least 10 - 15 centimeters.

You only need to wash your Toupim own-hairband when necessary. Washing it approximately once every 2 or 3 months is usually fine, as your hair will no longer get greasy from your scalp.

If required, you can wash the hair (but not the fabric of the headband) with shampoo by holding the headband. You can also wash the fabric of the headband with ordinary soap or laundry detergent while holding the hair.

If the hair on the Toupim own-hairband becomes static, put some water on your fingertips and smooth them over the hair. You can style the hair the way you used to, but we advise you to only add a little of the styling product as otherwise it may get greasy.