This is my own hair!

Losing your beautiful hair can be sad and distressing. Let us create a beautiful, personalised own-hairband using your very own hair. No one will see a difference!


Your own-hairband is made from your cut hair and therefore feels very familiar. Thanks to the soft fabric, it is comfortable and does not itch. When wearing your Toupim hairband, under a cap, hat or scarf, nobody will notice any difference in the look or texture of your hair.

Do you want this too? Phone, video call or email us and we will explain exactly how it works.

‘Oh wow, my own hair, I was so happy! It smelled like me and felt so familiar.’

How does it work?

If you have been told your treatment could result in hair loss, Toupim can help save your precious hair.

When we cut my hair, I cried for a bit in the morning, but mum and my best friend put on funny wigs, which made me laugh. We put on some music and I cut my first piece of hair myself. It wasn’t that bad, as knowing I would receive a Toupim own-hairband made me excited.

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