About Toupim

If you need chemotherapy, radiation or suffer from alopecia, you may loose your hair. With a Toupim hairband you look like yourself again, which can help your self-confidence. You will have a little bit of control back, in what is such a difficult time.

We guide you through the entire process to make sure you are completely involved in your journey with us.

Our story

‘This wig is uncomfortable. It’s too hot and it itches,’ a dear friend of mine said to me years ago when she was going through her chemo treatments. To help her, I designed the first hair band. It took a while to find a suitable model, but after a few samples, I soon came up with the version we still use today. She was so happy with it that I applied for a patent and got it in 2009. The Toupim headband appeared to be a good alternative to a wig and we made many people happy with it. In 2010 we started to make hairbands with own hair. A milestone, because with this unique product we have helped thousands of Alopecia patients and women in a chemo trajectory in the past decade. I have not been doing this alone for a long time now. With the team we now help countless women and girls and we are pursuing the dream of being a beacon of light in an emotionally difficult time.

Who are we?

Since 2010, Toupim has continued to grow. With a team of experts, we help as many women and girls all over the world as possible from Amsterdam with a Toupim hair band made of (preferably) their own hair. Toupim own hair bands are completely handmade, durable and of the highest quality. Curious about who we are? We would like to introduce ourselves to you.

You save the hair, we turn it into a beautiful own-hairband and together we have created an irreplaceable product.

Sylvia Holstijn

Founder / co-owner

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Toupim product maker


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